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1st Course on Cellular Agriculture

CAS Guest Lecture

1st Course on Cellular Agriculture

Developing the First Course on Cellular Agriculture at Stanford

The world's first course on cellular agriculture began development in 2018, sparked by now CAS & Stanford Alumni, Tatiana von Rheinbaben. Tatiana led a collaboration amongst multiple parties, including members of the nonprofit, the Good Food Institute, who were tasked with curriculum building through a syllabus that could be translated towards future efforts at other universities, and organizing guest lecturers.

After being approved under the Earth Systems Department at Stanford, the course held its first semester in the Fall of 2018, taught by Professor Allison Berke, PhD. This exciting collaboration marked the first effort to formally introduce cellular agriculture into university academic structure, paving the path for more courses on CellAg around the world and eventually departments of cellular agriculture to begin forming.

  • Stanford Course - Project Lead

    Tatiana von Rheinbaben

    Tatiana was Director of Communications, North America for CAS from 2018 to 2019. In collaboration with the Good Food Institute, and on behalf of CAS, she led the effort to create the first course on cellular agriculture at Stanford. Tatiana also graduated from Stanford in 2018 with her Masters in Environmental Engineering and Science.

CAS Guest Lecture

CAS Founder, Kris Gasteratos visits Stanford CellAg Course

We were proud to give a guest lecture at the world's first course on cellular agriculture. Kris Gasteratos joined the inaugural class at Stanford to discuss Ethics & Consumer Considerations for Cell-based meat during a class in 2018.