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Unveiling at Google

New York City, 2040

The Future of Meat Production

Project CMF was originally unveiled at Google NYC, providing a glimpse into a future where meat is made by farming animal cells instead of animals. This visualization of a "Slaughterhouse 2.0" was a collaboration between dozens of our CAS Industry Partners who helped us create a realistic depiction of what a meat production facility could look like in 20 years.

CMF is a developing effort, one which will be receiving its own, specialized webpage in the future. For now, CAS has made the renders below available to the public. Please let us know if you would like to use Project CMF within a project of yours; we are keen to keep track of its utility to our growing global community. Feel free to email us a brief message at on how you plan to use it, and please respect our copyright on Project CMF by properly attributing CAS.

Project CMF - Sketch

Project CMF - Media Production

Project CMF - Food Processing

Project CMF - Main Interior

Project CMF - Main Exterior

Project CMF - Clay Model

Project CMF


While small, the team behind Project CMF, span 3 continents - creatives from North America, Europe, and Africa...

  • Lead Concept Designer

    Kris Gasteratos

    The continually developing concept and inspiration for starting Project CMF was led by Kris Gasteratos, Founder & Creative Director of CAS. As the concept of CMF continues to evolve, Kris is responsible for its production and continued conception.

  • Lead Visual Designer

    Mihai Iacubovschi

    The visuals behind Project CMF are led by Mihai Iacubovschi, Founder & Visual Director of Carvv Studio. As CMF evolves, Mihai is responsible for its continued progress both in a creative and consulting role.

  • Lead Logo Animator

    Henry Mbwille

    Henry Mbwille joined the Project CMF team in 2019 through his CAS Fellowship. His role included logo animation and project consulting.

July 2019 - Google NYC

Unveiling at Google