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The 1st Textbook on Cultivated Meat

After designing the first course on cellular agriculture at Stanford University in 2018, we started hearing from professors and students across the world about their desire to develop similar classes at their respective universities. We began coordinating with interested institutions and a primary limitation for developing new courses on cellular agriculture became clear - the lack of academic material on the subject.

There have been dozens of research papers and even some books published on cultivated meat, but college curricula requires particular pedagogical rigor, specifically from that of a textbook, comprehensively covering subject matter. This led us to begin the development of the first textbook on cultivated meat, Modern Meat.

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Modern Meat represents a worldwide collaboration from the cellular agriculture community, years in the making. The textbook features the work of more than 90 authors, from academics to industry leaders, diverse and prominent voices from the cultivated meat community. This first edition of Modern Meat aims to pave the way for future courses on cultivated meat, spark eventual departments of cellular agriculture around the world, and bolster cellular agriculture’s growing academic sphere.


90+ Authors Across Cultivated Meat

Modern Meat is presented on behalf of leading cultivated meat companies from around the world, prominent nonprofit organizations, and academics across diverse international institutions.

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