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Google Nonprofits

The Beginning of our Collaboration with Google

In 2017, we began working with Google after applying to their Google for Nonprofits program, We couldn’t agree more with their description on how they help groups like CAS: “We accelerate the progress of innovative nonprofits by connecting them to the best of Google”. The services that were now available to our NGO were extremely valuable as we prepared to launch and grow CAS 2017 and beyond.

After being accepted, CAS was introduced to premium Google products like custom G-Suite, YouTube Creator benefits, and monthly Google Ad credits which better allowed CAS to create global awareness on cellular agriculture. You might even be reading this article right now after finding us via this collaboration with Google!


Deepika Phakke Becomes an Advisor at CAS

In 2018, we were fortunate to come into contact with Deepika Phakke, Global Operations Manager and former Chief of Staff at Google. Initially as a CAS Fellow, Deepika led efforts on our fundraising and programming strategies, then in early 2019, joined as an advisor. Deepika currently provides CAS with strategic counsel, has aided the continual development of our fellowship program, contributed as a textbook author, and helped organize our Talk at Google in 2019.

  • Former Chief of Staff, Google

    Deepika Phakke

    Since 2018, Deepika has helped CAS develop its digital education efforts. In July of 2019, she helped organize the Talk at Google, held in New York City, where Kris Gasteratos, Founder & Creative Director of CAS, unveiled Project CMF.

Talk at Google

Introducing Cellular Agriculture and Project CMF to NYC Googlers

In early 2019, Kris Gasteratos was invited to give the first talk at Google on cellular agriculture. This coincided perfectly with a developing endeavor at CAS to envision the first detailed render of a Cell-based Meat Facility, termed Project CMF. As the event was being planned in New York City, this influenced the design for CMF, ensuring we could create a vision for a production facility set in New York City in the Summer of 2040 After months of preparation from Deepika Phakke, Suzette Bishop (moderator of the event), and everyone at Google NYC and beyond, we were honored to talk with Googlers about cell-based meat and unveil Project CMF on July 15th, 2019.