Kevin VanEmburgh

Design Division Director

Kevin, having worked his entire life as a designer and proponent of alternative animal product manufacturing, is a graduate of Kansas State University and a Front-End/UX Designer.

He first became aware of the issues of animal agriculture about a decade ago while opening a restaurant in Kansas City. This experience working in the food industry allowed him to become familiar with the meat industry, dealing with meat vendors and slaughterhouse conditions frequently. After his exposure to the problems of the animal agriculture system, he was sure that a revolutionary change was necessary, which ultimately led him to discovering the great potential for clean meat and cellular agriculture.

As the Director of the Design Division at CAS, Kevin leads the dynamic design projects in the division including artistic, graphic, and architectural design related to cellular agriculture.

In addition to his work at CAS, Kevin runs Kevin VanEmburgh Photography, a freelance photography & videography organization.

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