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CAS brings together a global community of experts, passionate about cultivating the future of cellular agriculture for the people, animals and the world.


Kristopher Gasteratos Kristopher Gasteratos

Kristopher Gasteratos

Founder & Creative Director

Over the last decade, Kristopher has developed innovative projects and unique experiences that align with the world-changing potential he believes cellular agriculture has. While his previous involvements have ranged from social science and environmental research to ethical and historical analyses, Kristopher now works primarily within design, video, and education.

He is the author of the Harvard & Stanford-profiled 90 Reasons, creator behind Project CMF, and has been fortunate to give the first talks on cellular agriculture around the world at places like Google, Harvard, Stanford, City University of London, NEMO Amsterdam, Texas A&M, and MIT.

Kristopher and his work have also helped to establish the field of cellular agriculture, being featured and quoted in the Financial Times, Washington Post, Science, Harvard Innovation Lab, MIT Tech Review, Forbes, Feedstuffs, San Francisco Chronicle, ABC Australia, as well as developing collaborations with the UN, Harvard, Stanford, Elsevier, and Google.