Daan Luining

Research Division Director

Daan, born and raised in the Netherlands, graduated from the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, in 2016, where he studied molecular biology, in addition to his pioneering research at Maastricht University.

His tissue engineering work at Maastricht University was instrumental towards developing the first cellular agriculture beef showcased in London, August 2013. This work went on to revolutionize the field of cellular agriculture in the coming years. Following this, Daan has continued to work within the space of cellular agriculture developing roadmaps for academic research with various NGOs worldwide.

As the Director of the Research Division, Daan heads the prospective journal currently under development, JCAR (the Journal of Cellular Agriculture Research) and is the conduit for academic engagements and research broadcast to the public.

In addition to his work with CAS, Daan also founded the cultured meat foundation in the Netherlands which aims to develop the basis for European academic research on the topic of cultured/clean meat.

Contact Daan at luining@cellag.org