We've gathered the most frequently asked questions we get asked between our charity and the field of cellular agriculture generally

What is cellular agriculture? ​What is clean meat? ​Why is it important? Who is involved? When will products be available? Where is work being done? How is it possible to make animal products without animals?

Please visit our page Cell-Ag 101 www.CleanMeat.info

What is the Cellular Agriculture Society?

A 501c3 non-profit working to accelerate the commercialization of cellular agriculture products internationally.

Is the CAS team available for speaking engagements? What fees are incumbent for setting up such events?

Yes, please contact ​info@​cellag.org to share details on the nature of your event. All proceeds (with the exception of travel fees) will be accepted as tax-deductible donations to the Cellular Agriculture Society.

**Note – if ​our team is ​unavailable for in-person ​events, video conferencing stands as a possibility as well

How can I get involved in the cellular agriculture movement? What can I do to help?

​Visit our Programs page to find opportunities that interests you at CAS and join C3 to volunteer with our global community. Also, feel free to email us at ccc@cellag.org. with any ideas on programs you think we should host and join our mailing list to stay updated with future CAS activities.

I have a​n​​​ idea​ to help the cellular agriculture movement --​ can C​AS help ​me ​execute it?

​Yes, absolutely! ​Please check out our Miscellaneous Series. ​We’re​ also​ delighted to work alongside independent parties on projects ​that will advance cellular agriculture in whatever capacity we can. Please ​reach out to us at info@c​ellag.org.

Why is a system of cellular agriculture more viable than society shifting that towards plant based foods? Why Neo over Vegetarian/Vegan?

Vegetarianism & Veganism have stood as diets that address most, if not all of the issues animal agriculture presents, for thousands of years. While a small percentage of global society consciously decides to abstain from animal products, the majority has yet to find plant based diets compelling enough to change. We would suspect this is primarily due to the difficulty in their practical application, and so changing the method of production for products rather than the products themselves can give humanity the animal products they have enjoyed for millennia without the issues that come along with it. Furthermore, regarding plant-based, mock meats and other animal products, while again, these products have loyal consumer bases, they are indeed small, and we at CAS do not envision plant-based meats mimicking animal meat so identically due to fundamental cellular differences of the ingredients used.

When will cellular agriculture products be commercially available?

Cellular agriculture products will likely appear segmented commercially throughout the next decade. Within the next five years, the accredited companies CAS works with, have claimed commercial products will be available.

What is the biggest hurdle holding cellular agriculture commercialization back?

As most scientific/technological advances throughout history have required, time and financial capital are limiting the commercial release of cellular agriculture. However, there are many variable that will be necessary to bringing cellular agriculture to markets globally, quickly, and at CAS we work efficiently to address these variables allowing for quicker commercialization.

Are cellular agriculture products natural?

It depends upon the frame of reference -- if referring to its naturalness in comparison to conventional animal products, we find cellular agriculture products to be equally natural/unnatural as what is produced today. It is also important to note that food products that are "unnatural" by the definition of "not occurring normally throughout nature" are eaten daily around the world like cheese and protein powder. We think a better concern is for the safety of these future products. For instance, most people are aware that medicine, and certain foods are not completely natural, but because these products are generally accepted to be safe, society commonly uses them. The same goes for our philosophy towards cellular agriculture products. At CAS we only advocate for products that hold the promise to have exceptional safety, and upon commercialization, we will only stand by cell-ag products that are proven 100% safe.

Where are the CAS Headquarters?

The CAS Headquarters are located in the United States.

Can in-person meetings be arranged with the CAS team?

Yes, feel free to reach out to our specific team members to setup in-person meetings.

I’d like to join the CAS Executive Team; how can I do so?

Please share a CV and your interest in our leadership team at CAS to info@c​ellag.org and we would love to explore any & all possibilities if we have openings within our international board.

Is clean meat production, cloning?

Clean meat is produced by mimicking the processes that occur naturally in an animal’s body. Similarly, when the muscle cells within your body duplicate daily they are not considered to be cloning, so neither is clean meat production.

I would like to start a CAS chapter; how can I begin?

Please visit our "Start a Chapter" page or email us at info@c​ellag.org

What is a Neomnivore? What is Neomnivorism? What does it mean that CAS "works towards a world that will soon go "Neo"?

Going "Neo" will be soon thought of like going "vegetarian" or "vegan". It will be the philosophy by which people will only consume products from cellular agriculture. So if you are a "neomnivore" at a restaurant in the year 2030 and are requesting the food options there, you would ask not for traditional meat or animal products from animals (since this is for "omnivores") and also not for vegetarian or vegan options since you still would want to consume animal products. Rather you would share that you are "Neo" and this would imply you only consume cell-ag products. The same goes if you were shopping for leather shoes or a fur coat; these items would have a tag on them marked "Neo".

For more information, please visit our page Cell-Ag 101