Upon finding CAS, its founder set forth pillars that would serve as the foundation for decision making at the organization. These core values uniquely represent the difference CAS serves to create for the people, animals, and the world…

Advance Commercialization

The true value of cellular agriculture will not be seen until products are sold shifting the market share of animal agriculture products. Only when cellular agriculture products are being sold around the world in place of their animal based counterparts will we see revolutionary impact take place.

Unify Volunteering Efforts

It is vital that volunteers around the world are given the opportunity to work together progressing cellular agriculture. The benefits will affect us all and as such, we believe everyone should have an opportunity to accelerate its imminent entry into society.

Create a Movement

The cellular agriculture revolution will require people of great passion to dedicate their time and money towards this cause. We believe honing the efforts of the most passionate cell-ag activists will help build a future where the world goes neo, and mobilizing a global cell-ag community will be integral to this.

Emphasize International Progress

Since the problems posed by animal agriculture affect all of humanity at a global scale, it’s important that cellular agriculture is promoted all around the world. For cellular agriculture will only make its tremendous impact when it is expanded upon the planetary scale, and beyond.