Nicolas Chong

Media Division Director

Nicolas, born and raised in Jamaica, studied biology and biochemistry during his undergraduate years at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College, and recently graduated magna cum laude from Florida Atlantic University in 2016, with an MS in Bioengineering. Nicolas has extensive experience serving as an instructor for the humanities and sciences at the high school and university level. This brought him to recent collaborations aiding the recent redesign of the Bioengineering student curriculum, and working alongside the Dean of Engineering at Florida Atlantic University as a visiting STEM Instructor for the Broward County school system. His involvement with Media extends his entire life working with his father, Lukkee Chong, an internationally renowned director and content creator from Jamaica.

His interest in cellular agriculture began after his research experience in a biomedical tissue engineering laboratory meeting Kristopher, where he became aware of the “tremendous potential for the biotechnology of cellular agriculture”.

As the Director of the Media Division, Nicolas acts as the lead director and editor for all CAS multimedia on YouTube, Vimeo, and corresponding media outlets. He also serves as the producer and host of the first podcast on cellular agriculture, the PodCAS.

In addition to his work with CAS, Nicolas is currently exploring the landscape for cellular agriculture commercialization in the Caribbean and priming for future expansion of startups there.

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