Chris Bryant

Social Science Division Director

Chris, born and raised in the UK, is a graduate of the University of Exeter where he studied Business and Management, and the University of Bristol where he earned his Masters in Policy Research; he is now a PhD candidate researching consumer acceptance of clean meat at the University of Bath.

Chris began his career in cellular agriculture after working as a Carbon Data Analyst and Research Assistant simultaneously at the Environmental Investment Organisation and the University of Sussex in 2014; he became aware of the ecological impact conventional animal agriculture has and was intrigued to investigate potential consumer interest in future cellular agriculture products, which ultimately became his dissertation.

As the Director of the Social Science Division at CAS, Chris pioneers international efforts towards cellular agriculture social science research. With his background in academia and industry, he leads top cell-ag researchers around the world in the Social Science Division, innovating effective and collaborative projects.

In addition to his work at CAS, Chris is involved in the Effective Altruism community and is co-authoring a project alongside CAS President, Kristopher Gasteratos, exploring the perception of naturalness of clean meat.

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