Colton Biehl

Fermentation Specialist

Colton graduated magna cum laude in Neuroscience & Behavior studying at Ohio State University through the Health-Sciences Scholars Program and Florida Atlantic University. His scientific experience includes lead involvements in neurobiology laboratories to biomedical clinical research across the United States.

He first became interested in Cellular Agriculture in 2016 serving on the board of the first CAS Chapter internationally at Florida Atlantic University.

Colton’s experience in cellular agriculture also includes his co-authorship of History & the Neomnivore, a historical analysis of cellular agriculture past prospective perceptions.

As the Fermentation specialist at CAS, Colton guides all scientific expertise on the topic of fermentation related to cellular agriculture, and serves as public counsel on the matter internationally.

In addition to his work with CAS, Colton is a second Lieutenant in the United States Army.

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